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Cesca Therapeutics Inc USA

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Elena Salvaterra

Global Biobanking Consulting Italy

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Yulian Zhao

Mayo Clinic USA

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University Hospitals NHS UK

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Biobanking 2020

About Biobanking 2020

Conference Series LLC LTD is a renowned organization which organizes highly prominent conferences around the world. Biobanking 2020 welcomes all the participants across the World to attend “International Conference on Advanced Biobanking & Biotechnology” going to be held on September 17-18, 2020 in Osaka, Japan.

From Centuries, human beings are building up different approaches to know the secrets of science. Biobanking, being the important one, helps the humankind in many ways including the most beneficial Radiogenomics editing which can be applied for developing the personalized medicine. This can serve the humanity at its best. Also, Biotechnology is involved in production, improvement and understanding of various biological processes that can be resembled to produce more products of improved quality. Conference Series LLC Ltd scientific events, which are especially designed for bunch of program that provide a common platform where industry meets academia to discuss about recent issues and occurrence. It serves as a cross over between researchers around academia and industry enhanced by its well-organized scientific sessions, plenary lectures, poster presentations, world-class exhibitions, diverse symposiums, highly enriched workshops and B2B meetings. These events emphasize the knowledge of all participants in different sectors and fields.

Why to attend?

Our Conference will provide a perfect platform addressing :

Commendable talks by the top-notch of the global scientific community

Excellent workshop sessions

Remarkable Awards and Global Recognition for meritorious Researchers

Global Networking with 50+ Countries

Novel Techniques to Benefit Your Research

Biobanking 2020 provides a focused lattice platform targeting Cell Culture, Cell Line Development and Bioprocessing, Cell & Gene treatment highlighting CAR T Cell Development, Stem Cell & Regeneration Medicine Development as well as Biobanking. This International event is an effort to find information that will indicate the possible interactions between the organisms and conducting such experiments, new techniques that will lead to the formulation of control measures.

Opportunity to meet incredible famous speakers, researchers, specialists, Business giants, and the most up to date refreshes in Biobanking world are important for this conference leads to significance of this gathering.

This is the best platform to grow new partnership & collaborations.

For speeding up your route this is the best location into every territory in the entire World.

In our Conference, 89% attendees are the key contact in labs purchasing decisions.

During this conference, our Exhibitors are visited 4-5 times by 80% of the attendees.

By this conference, network can be developed by both Academic and Business.

Target Audience:

Stem cell researchers and academicians

Doctorates in Bio- Sciences

Regenerative medicine Lab Directors/Associates

Professors of  Life sciences

Biobanking Associations and Societies

Data Management Companies

Global Biobanking Companies

Biobanking investors

Biobanking Researchers

Biobanking Faculty

Medical Colleges

Biobanking Associations and Societies

Business Entrepreneurs

Training Institutes

Cryo-storage Companies

Forensic Professionals

Pharmaceutical companies

Clinical Laboratories and Technicians

Bio-informatics Professionals

Research Institutes and members

Supply Chain companies

Health Information/Infrastructure Managers

Human Services authorities

Coding specialists


Experts and Delegates

Pharmaceutical & Biomedical students

Conference Opportunities

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Poster Display

Symposium hosting (4-5 member team)        

Workshop organizing

For Researchers and Faculty Members

For Universities, Associations & Societies:

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Group Participation


For Students and Research Scholars :

Poster Competition (Winner will get Best Poster Award)       

Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the best presenter)

Student Attendee       

Group Registrations

For Business Delegates :

Speaker Presentations

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Book Launch event   

Networking opportunities      

Audience participation

For Product Manufacturers :

Exhibitor and Vendor Booths

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Scientific Partnering

Marketing and Networking with clients


Sessions and Tracks

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

 Track 1: Cell and Tissue Banking 

Cell and Tissue Managing an account offers a gathering for spreading realities to researchers and clinicians included within the keeping money and transplantation of cells and tissues. It is an universal, audit diary that print unique papers in such regions as quality confirmation and control of kept money cells and tissues; conservation and sterilization strategies; quality of hone in obtainment, handling, capacity and dispersion; and moral and medico-legal issues.

Track 2: Cryopreservation Methods

The aim of the cryopreservation procedure is to keep away from crystallization and dehydration of the cell. As the freeze factor temperature is approached, ice crystals can form outside of the cell creating an osmotic imbalance with the cell. Excessive dehydration will create nonviable cells. The detrimental effects of dehydration and crystallization can be minimized by doing the following:

  • Controlling the cooling rate 
  • Using cryoprotective agents 
  • Maintaining appropriate storage temperatures
  • Controlling the thawing rate

Track 3: Blood Banking and Donation

Blood banking is the process that takes location in a laboratory to make sure that the donated blood or blood products are protected before they are used in blood transfusions and other scientific procedures. Blood banking consists of typing the blood for compatibility and trying out for infectious diseases.

Facts about blood banking:

  • About 38,000 units of ruddy blood cells are required each day (2006)
  • There are around 9.5 million volunteer blood givers (2006)
  • Five million patients get transfusions of blood units each year (2006)
  • Each unit of blood is broken down into components, such as ruddy blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

Track 4: Biobanking for Rare Disease

Biobanking is of tall significance for inquiring about in uncommon illnesses. There are >6,000 uncommon illnesses with at slightest 30 million individuals influenced within the European Union (EU). The European Commission (EC) has prioritized uncommon illnesses in later wellbeing and investigate programs. Little collections or indeed person tests may be greatly valuable for investigate. Imperatively, most uncommon illness biobanks work through the dynamic interest of patients and persistent organizations, and share benefits with them.

Track 5: Bio-repository and Biospecimen

 The Biorepositories and Biospecimen Inquire about Department (BBRB) of the Cancer Conclusion Program (CDP) gives administration, instruments, assets, and arrangements in biobanking for the worldwide biomedical investigate community, to empower translational inquire about and exactness pharmaceutical for patients. BBRB creates biorepository measures and encourages Biospecimen Science ponders that frame the premise of evidence-based hones to direct clinical cancer investigate and other biomedical ponders which utilize biospecimens. From creatures counting people and numerous other living life forms it oversees specimens.

Track 6: Biobanking in Microbiology

Millions of organic tests, counting cells of human, creature or bacterial root, infections, serum/plasma or DNA/RNA, are put away each year all through the world for diagnostics and inquire about. The reason of this survey is to summarize the assets fundamental to set up a bio-banking office, the challenges and pitfalls of test collection, and the foremost vital strategies for partition and capacity of tests. Natural tests can be put away for up to 30 a long time, but particular conventions are required to decrease the harm initiated by conservation methods. Program committed to natural banks encourage test enlistment and recognizable proof, the cataloguing of test properties (sort of sample/specimen, related infections and/or restorative conventions, natural data, etc.).

Track 7: Fertility Preservation

Ripeness conservation is the method of sparing or securing eggs, sperm, or regenerative tissue so that a individual can utilize them to have natural children within the future. With expanding survival rates, ripeness is an vital quality of life concern for numerous youthful cancer patients. There's a basic require for changes in clinical care to guarantee patients are well educated approximately fruitlessness dangers and richness conservation (FP) alternatives and to bolster them in their reproductive decision-making earlier to treatment. A ripeness conservation strategy is done some time recently a therapeutic treatment which will cause fruitlessness, such as radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Cases of richness conservation strategies incorporate sperm keeping money, egg solidifying, in vitro fertilization with developing life solidifying, and certain sorts of surgery for cervical and ovarian cancer.

Track 8: Human Cancer Biobank

The Cancer Human Biobank (caHUB) may be a National Cancer Organized biobanking foundation that was created to back specialized biospecimen and information acquirements for cancer investigate. The caHUB foundation backed both the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) and Biospecimen Preanalytical Factors (BPV) programs. Extra assets created from the caHUB program incorporate SOPs for tall quality biospecimen collection, preparing, capacity and dissemination, and a few open source computer program and lexicon items.

The caHUB infrastructure consists of the following components:

  • Biospecimen Source Sites (BSS)
  • Comprehensive Biospecimen Resource (CBR
  • Comprehensive Data Resource (CDR)
  • Pathology Resource Center (PRC)
  • Molecular Analysis Facilities (MAFs)

Track 9: Next Generation Bio banking

Biomarker-driven exactness pharmaceutical (personalized pharmaceutical) is in a general sense changing life sciences inquire about. Central to biomarker inquire about is get to to quality biospecimens in biobanks that have been broadly commented on with clinical, atomic, and quiet data. Biobanks are now not measured by how numerous tests they keep, but by the utilization of these tests to drive investigational investigate. This move postures challenges for conventional, first-generation biobanks. Another Era Biobanking not as it were underpins operational exercises, but too capacities as the information center for an coordinates translational and clinical inquire about biological system. With the Next Generation Biobanking approach, you may procure the benefits of a well-annotated persistent and test database that underpins exactness medication, clinical trials, translational inquire about, and quiet registries.

Track 10: Stem Cell Biomarkers

Right now there's small successful treatment accessible for castration safe prostate cancer, which is mindful for the lion's share of prostate cancer related passing’s. Rising prove recommended that cancer stem cells might play an vital part in resistance to conventional cancer treatments, and the ponders of cancer stem cells (counting particular separation and focusing on those cells) might advantage the disclosure of novel treatment of prostate cancer, particularly castration safe illness. In this survey, we summarized primary biomarkers for prostate most cancers stem cells, as well as their useful instruments and potential software in clinical determination and remedy of patients.

Track 11: Stem Cell Niches

A stem-cell specialty is an zone of a tissue that gives a particular microenvironment, in which stem cells are show in an undifferentiated and self-renewable state. Cells of the stem-cell specialty connected with the stem cells to preserve them or advance their separation. Stem cells take part in energetic physiologic frameworks that manage the result of formative occasions and organismal push, since these cells are crucial to tissue upkeep and repair, the signals they get play a basic part within the astuteness of the life form. Much work has centered on stem cell recognizable proof and the atomic pathways included in their control. However, we get it small around how these pathways accomplish physiologically responsive stem cell capacities. This chapter will audit the state of our understanding of stem cells within the setting of their microenvironment with respect to the connection between stem cell specialty brokenness, carcinogenesis and maturing.

Track 12: Biobank Ethics

Researchers have illustrated that in numerous cases where participants' names were evacuated from information, the information still contained sufficient data to form identification ofthe members conceivable. Typically since the chronicled strategies of securing secrecy and secrecy have ended up out of date when drastically more nitti gritty databases got to be accessible. Another issue is that indeed little sums of hereditary information, such as a record of 100 single nucleotide polymorphisms, can extraordinarily recognize anyone. Biobank investigate has been the center of incredible intrigued of researchers and administrative bodies who have tended to diverse moral issues. On the premise of an audit of the writing it may be concluded that, with respect to a few major topics in this discourse, an agreement appears to develop on the universal scene after the customary trade of contentions in logical diaries.

Track 13: Neuro Biobank

The NIH-funded NeuroBioBank (NBB) could be a national asset for agents utilizing human autopsy brain tissue and related biospecimens for their investigate to get it conditions of the anxious framework. With examples that span neurological, neuropsychiatric, and neurodevelopmental illnesses and clutters, the NBB serves as a central point of get to to the world-class collections of our six bio storehouses. In expansion, the NBB gives analysts with a riches of assets to encourage their inquire about, counting restorative records and clinical information sets (when accessible) as well as get to to quality measurements and best hones utilized by each location.

Track 14: Vitrification

Vitrification can be characterized as the move of water straightforwardly from the fluid stage into an shapeless stage or glass, whereas dodging the arrangement of crystalline ice. Cryopreservation of human oocytes and embryos or blastocyst is an vital choice in helped generation treatment that leads to an expanded aggregate result whereas diminishing other attempts’ costs. It gives an opportunity for patients to have more than one endeavor taking after an ovarian incitement cycle, in this manner diminishing the introduction of patients to exogenous gonadotrophins. In addition, the utilize of vitrification innovation for ovarian tissue cryopreservation to solidify eggs offers such an elderly ladies who at some point discover more trouble in conceiving or in keeping up pregnancy till full term since of ancient age compared to generally more youthful ladies who might get superior chances to induce a solid pregnancy.

Track 15: Role of Biobank in Genomics & Personalised Medicine

Biobanks are important assets in genomic research of both the irresistible ailments and their hosts. Research distinguishes potential fields of collaboration between irresistible infection genomics and biobanks, in accordance with worldwide patterns in the reconciliation of genome-based information into clinical practice. It likewise looks at different systems and biobanks that represent considerable authority in irresistible maladies (counting HIV, HPV and Chlamydia trachomatis), and gives cases of effective research and clinical take-up originating from these biobanks. At long last, it diagrams key issues as for information security in irresistible sickness genomics, and also the utility of satisfactorily planned and kept up electronic wellbeing records.

Track 16: Biobank sustainability: current status and future prospects

Biobanks play an imperative part in biomedical investigate that points to get it cellular and atomic components basic the advancement of infections, and to progress mediations for human wellbeing. In spite of monetary bolster from blended open subsidizing streams, long-term supportability of open biobanks remains a major concern. Open biobanks require bolster by long-term venture and commitment from open and administrative sources, as well as bolster from mechanical clients. In this respect, this ponder proposes procedures to move forward long-term supportability, such as sample-sharing and biobank combination to decrease unit costs, inserting open biobanks in wellbeing care frameworks, and working to actualize worldwide subsidizing instruments.

Track 17: Biopreservation and its Advances

Moving quickly from science fiction to science reality, cryopreservation is an necessarily portion of numerous investigate, advancement, and generation forms in industry and the scholarly world. The conservation sciences have developed as an intrigue stage that joins the essentials of cell and atomic science, and bioengineering, with the classic methodological approaches to solidifying and drying living matter. Analysts and biotech companies must scramble to memorize almost, and embrace, the unused conservation techniques that consolidate the classic and the unused molecular-based approaches. The classically based approaches to biopreservation are presently recognized as bottlenecks to progresses within the developing regenerative medication field.

Track 18: Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Each day thousands of surgical methods are performed to supplant or repair tissue that has been harmed through illness or injury. The creating field of tissue designing (TE) points to recover harmed tissues by combining cells from the body with exceedingly permeable framework biomaterials, which act as formats for tissue recovery, to direct the development of modern tissue. This article depicts the utilitarian prerequisites, and sorts, of materials utilized in creating state of the craftsmanship of frameworks for tissue designing applications. Besides, it portrays the challenges and where future investigate and course is required in this quickly progressing field.

Track 19: Quality management in Biobanking

Biobanks and biorepositories fulfill clinical or investigate purposes through the collection, handling, capacity, and conveyance of different biospecimens or materials that are regularly required. With time, it has been recognized that biobanks and biorepositories ought to take after a complex cluster of administrative or moral contemplations. The methods and arrangements they take after are ordinarily reported by the finest hones that can either be deliberate or by rules and controls fortified by Organization Audit Sheets (IRBs), governments, and organizations. Issues of concern incorporate member protection, educated assent, quality control of biospecimens, and different other things. Since biobanking is presently a worldwide endeavor, universal collaboration and national networks are more vital than ever. It is additionally imperative that measures and hones are facilitated and created.

Market Analysis

Worldwide Biobank Advertise Analysis:-

Technological progressions, presentation of inventive strategies, and enormous populace base of the rising economies such as China and India, will display significant openings to the worldwide showcase for biobanks.

A biobank may be a capacity bank for natural tests, such as blood, DNA, human tissue, that are utilized for restorative investigate purposes,in arrange to discover modern medicines for infections. Biobanks play a significant role in biomedical investigate. They help within the assurance of the common and one of a kind highlights of the nonstop cell line and whether contaminants are show or not, in this manner helping within the examination of the crude materials from which a natural item is inferred. The hereditary and other characteristics such as sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, and blood sort of the examples are catalogued by a biobank.

The worldwide showcase for biobanks was pegged at USD 142 mn in 2011. It is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 5.4% amid the figure period 2011-2018, accomplishing a income worth USD 216.3 mn by the conclusion of 2018.

Global Biobanks Market: Regional Analysis

Territorial Analysis Based on topography, the worldwide advertise for biobanks can be sectioned into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World. North America by and by leads the worldwide showcase for biobanks, closely taken after by Europe. The conspicuousness of these locales can be credited to the expanding frequency of unremitting infections, the basic got to discover effective treatments for them, expansive sums of government speculations within the area of biobanks, and developing number of inquire about exercises, beside sedate revelation within the region.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to show impressive development over the another few a long time. The components mindful for the development of various openings in this locale incorporate steadily expanding speculations from government and non-government educate, developing understanding approximately the concept of biobanks, and ever-increasing populace of nations such as Indi and China.

Developing socioeconomics and economies within the creating nations such as India and China, innovative progression and unused enhance procedures are anticipated to offer great openings within the worldwide biobanks advertise. Soundness issue and tissue harm amid solidifying are a challenge for biobanks advertise. Virtual biobanks and green managing an account for vitality proficiency are a few of the key patterns that have been watched in worldwide biobanks showcase. In expansion, unused item dispatches, expanding number of mergers and acquisitions and expanding number of collaborations and organizations among the showcase players are a few of the patterns have been watched in worldwide biobanks market. A few of the major companies working within the worldwide biobanks advertise are BioCision, Thermo Fisher Logical Inc., Tecan AG, Beckman Coulter, Inc., BioLife Arrangements, Inc., Panasonic Biomedical Deals Europe B.V., Taylor-Wharton Worldwide LLC, VWR Universal, LLC and So-Low Natural Hardware Co.

Annual Growth:-

The worldwide biobanking advertise was USD 142 million in 2011 and it is forecasted that this showcase will reach USD 216.3 million in 2018 with the compound yearly development rate of 5.4 % from 2011 – 2018. Additionally, the biobanking showcase seen an expanded drift of mergers and acquisitions among merchants.

This summit will address the most recent advancements in biobanking from its disclosure to commercialization. It is one of the foremost important openings, where you'll investigate your commerce potential in biobanking. The U.S and Europe have the biggest showcase measure in biobanks. Be that as it may, the fast development in populace in Asia Pacific nations will influence the showcase of the created nations.

USA Major Universities which deals with Biobanking:- 

  • University of Washington/Hutchinson Cancer Center

  • Oregon Stem Cell Center

  • University of  California Davis

  • University of Colorado Cancer Center

  • University of California Berkeley

  • Carfiff University Prifysgol Caerdydd

Major Stem Cell Organization Worldwide:-

  • Norwegian Center for Stem Cell

  • Research France I-stem

  • Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Ctr, Beijing

  • Stem Cell Research Centre, Korea

  • NSW Stem Cell Network

  • Monash University of  Stem Cell Labs

  • Australian Stem Cell Centre


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date September 24-25, 2020

Speaker Opportunity

Supported By

Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering Journal of Biotechnology & Biomaterials Journal of Nano-biotechnology Journal of Cellular Tissue

All accepted abstracts will be published in respective Conference Series International Journals.

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